IGOR Receiver and GPS Antennas

The Integrated GPS and Occultation Receiver (IGOR) is manufactured by Broad Reach Engineering and is based on the heritage of the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Black Jack receiver. Since KOMPSAT-5 uses 1553B bus as a main interface, the KOMPSAT-5 IGOR has been modified to include a 1553B interface. An internal solid state recorder (SSR) was added in the IGOR for storing receiver output data during the mission. Since KOMPSAT-5 carries a SAR device, IGOR uses four external filters between each of the GPS antennas and IGOR in order to avoid interferences from the SAR devices. Figure 2 shows an engineering model of the KOMPSAT-5 IGOR receiver. One of the filter/preamp assemblies is on the top of the receiver frame. The KOMPSAT-5 IGOR has two POD antennas and two occultation antennas. Figure 3 shows the KOMPSAT-5 POD and occultation antennas. The POD antenna is a patch type omnidirectional antenna attached on the - Z plane of the KOMPSAT-5.The occultation antenna is a patched array type antenna to optimize the performance for an occultation science. The occultation antennas are installed in the velocity and anti-velocity direction for observing rising and setting occultations. The normal operation mode of KOMPSAT-5 is a 33.7° tilted right looking mode. For the occultation antennas, the tilt angle is compensated by using appropriate brackets. Figures 4 and 5 show the configuration of the KOMPSAT-5 POD and occultation antennas, respectively. Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of the KOMPSAT-5 IGOR.

Fig. 5 Configuration of the KOMPSAT-5 occultation antennas

Table 1 KOMPSAT-5 IGOR characteristics


Internal memory Bus interface POD antenna Occultation antenna External signal filter RF port


128 MB solid state recorder MIL-STD 1553B bus/RS422 Two patch type antennas Two patched array antennas Four Filter/Preamp assemblies Four RF ports, 12 channels per port

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