Need for Consistent Multidisciplinary Approaches

Clouds are perturbed in their dynamics, microphysics, and radiative properties. Field experiments dedicated to this challenging issue must be designed with an instrumental setup that permits the documentation of each source of perturbation and each effect with accuracies consistent with their anticipated contribution or level of response to the forcings. New airborne instruments are now available to document crucial parameters, such as the size-segregated chemical composition of the aerosol. Considerable progress has been made to overcome the sampling limitation of instrumented aircraft by using airborne active remote-sensing systems that provide crucial information about the vertical organization of the cloud systems sampled horizontally by the aircraft (e.g., Damiani et al. 2006). We argue that instead of running numerous separate partial studies that do not consider the critical atmospheric parameters well enough, efforts should be concentrated on large-scale multidisciplinary and multiplatform projects.

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