Ensembles of Process Model Simulations to Assess Largescale Cloud Feedbacks

Systematic comparisons between process models (LES and CRM) and large-scale models may be used to analyze and improve cloud parameterizations in an effort to assess cloud-climate feedbacks on a large scale (discussed above). Idealized sensitivity experiments (e.g., +2 K SST perturbations or perturbations applied to cloud properties) might be conducted using LES or CRMs (i.e., in the absence of any interaction with the large-scale circulation) and compared to GCM simulations allowing for this interaction.

Comparing the response of clouds at these different scales would enable us to understand the response of clouds to a perturbation at a specific scale as well as the various controlling factors involved. Global CRMs or super-parameterization models constitute integrating tools of small and large spatial scales and may play a particularly important role in this regard (Collins and Satoh, this volume).

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