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Introduction 7



Electricity market design for decarbonisation 15

C. Hood

Funding energy efficiency: earmarked environmental taxes versus system public benefit charges? 21

G. Heffner and L. Ryan

Early retirement of coal-fired generation in the transition to low-carbon electricity systems 28

C. Guivarch and C. Hood

Renewable energy policy and climate policy interactions 35

C. Philibert

Integrating electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles into the electric grid:

long-term projections of electricity demand and CO2 emissions 43

L. Fulton and T. Trigg

Carbon capture in the power sector: from promise to practice 49

J. Lipponen and M. Finkenrath

Carbon leakage in the European Union's power sector 53

K. Inoue

CO2 and fuel switching in the power sector: how econometrics can help policy making 58


World 64

OECD North America 66

OECD Pacific 68

Europe 70

Africa 72

Latin America 74

Middle East 76

Former Soviet Union 78

Asia (excluding China and India) 80

China 82

India 84

Geographical definitions 86

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