Source: IEA, 2010.

Notes: Emissions from electricity only and CHP plants, total electricity output, heat output from CHP ptonts.

Coal mc/ptfeo pea° Otter /ns/uote non-renewabiewaste.

• L.argesa sostce cf enmsrons (2008) 78.1% (Coal)

• Fastest gsowtO overdoe lanO olecade

• Slowest gronvtO ovettCe last nlecade -58.8% (Oil)

19F0r199C 3.1%

Source: IEA, 2010.

Notes: Ooo/ invludrs orot Other includes geothermal, solar, wind, biofuels and wasth,etC-

• Largestscwico oI8ooi|//:(ly (2008) 43.1% (Coal)

• FastesP e°owth over the last Oecade 76.2% (O/hoe)


Figure 3

Oleetricity cse ity sector and per unia of GDC

Figure 4

Electriolege t)^neration try non-fosoll duelc

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