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Key features in electricity and CO2: Latin America

F With hydro power accounting for 63% of Latin America's electricity generation, the sector boasts an extremely low level of CO2 emissions, at 216 MtCO2 in 2008.

F Growth in hydro electricity generation remains steady and the contribution of non-hydro renewables has grown quickly over the last decade, driven largely by an increase of 18.6 TWh in power generation from solid biofuels. Geothermal energy is also playing an increasing role, having more than tripled between 1990 and 2008.

F Despite these advances and a contribution from nuclear to the mix, the CO2 intensity of power generation is at its highest in 2008, albeit at the lowest level of all regions considered in this report (0.2 tCO^MWh in 2008).

F While oil is Latin America's largest source of CO2 emissions in power generation (47.4% of the total in 2008), all three fossil fuels have followed a similar growth pattern since 1998, with gas leading the way at 58% growth.

F The region shows great diversity in its electricity-emission profiles, with Brazil and Colombia benefitting from vast hydro resources, while Argentina and Chile rely on imported fossil fuels for the growth in power generation.

F The electricity intensity of GDP is higher in 2008 than 1990 in Latin America, although the growth trend seems to have reversed since 2003.

F Solid biofuels dominate the contribution of non-hydro renewables to electricity output, with about 30 TWh in 2008.

F Latin America has added much gas and oil capacity in the last two decades. Hydro still represents the largest capacity additions, a trend that will increase in the future.

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