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Key features in electricity and CO2: Africa

F Total electricity output (TWh) has increased by over 50% over the period 1998-2008, leading to an increase in emissions of 35% over the same period.

F The emissions intensity has fallen from 0.70 tCO^/ MWh in 1998 to 0.62 tCO/MWh in 2008 as a result of a falling share of coal (from 50% to 42%) mainly being replaced by gas (growing from 18% to 28%) in generation.

F Total regional CO2 emissions in the electricity sector are dominated by a few main emitting countries, with South Africa, Egypt, Libya and Algeria representing over 80% of the total in 2008. Overall emissions from the electricity sector in Africa remain small at 384 MtCO2, representing only 3.4% of total global emissions from electricity.

F Final electricity use grew most quickly in the commercial and residential sectors from 1998 to 2008, their share growing from 10% to 1 5%, and 28% to 31%, respectively. This indicates modest progress in access to electricity in Africa. Average final electricity consumption per capita amounted to 0.5 MWh, against 5.4 MWh in Europe.

F Excluding hydro power, which is the dominant nonfossil fuel, the main renewable energy technology in 2008 is wind, ahead of geothermal and solid biofuels. However, total output in 2008 from these renewable energy technologies remains low, with 3.3 TWh, or less than 1% of total output.

F Much new capacity in hydro is either under construction or planned for the next two decades, although the majority of additions will be fossil-fuel based (gas, coal and oil).

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