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The Climate & Electricity Annual 2011 - Data and analyses publication was elaborated by Richard Baron and Keisuke Inoue, with the support of Bo Diczfalusy, Director for Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology, and Rick Bradley, Head, Energy Efficiency and Environment Division, who both provided comments and advice throughout this project. Karen Treanton (Energy Statistics Division) and David Wilkinson (Office of the Chief Economist) provided critical help on the statistics.

The publication would not have been possible without the contribution of the IEA and OECD colleagues who authored concise and thought-provoking analyses. Thanks also go to the following IEA colleagues for their contributions, comments and suggestions: André Aasrud, Robert Arnot, Nina Campbell, Doug Cooke, Ian Cronshaw, Paolo Frankl, Jean-Yves Garnier, Uwe Remme, Laszlo Varro and Dennis Volk, as well as to Rebecca Gaghen, Muriel Custodio, Mary-Rose Cleere, Jenny Gell, Corinne Hayworth, Marilyn Smith and Kristine Werner for turning the original idea of the Climate & Electricity Annual 2011 and the many manuscripts into this book. We also thank Ademe for its financial support.

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