Electricity and CO2 Avoided Costs

Figure 2.19 shows the levelized COE for coal- and biomass-based power generation and the components that make up the total cost. The COE for natural gas combined-cycle power generation with venting and with CCS for two natural gas prices is also included in Fig. 2.19 [11, 35, 47, 48]. As discussed above, with CO2 venting the COE is lowest for conventional PC and about 10-15% higher with IGCC. The COE for NGCC is about the same as for PC for a gas price of $6/GJ, but at a gas price of $16/GJ it is more than twice that. The fuel cost is the largest COE driver in NGCC and is also large for biomass to power. Adding CCS increases the cost for all generating technologies but less so for technologies that involve gasification, for example IGCC vs. PC. As a result, coal IGCC with CCS is the most attractive technology, as is biomass to power (BTP) with CO2 venting, their COEs are essentially the same.

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