1 Global Climate Change and the Mitigation Challenge 1

Frank T. Princiotta

2 Coal and Coal/Biomass-Based Power Generation 51

James R. Katzer

3 Coal and Biomass to Liquid Fuels 89

James R. Katzer

4 The Role of Nuclear Power in Reducing Greenhouse

Gas Emissions 129

Anthony Baratta

5 Renewable Energy: Status and Prospects - Status of Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy 157

6 Mobile Source Mitigation Opportunities 191

Michael P. Walsh

7 Buildings: Mitigation Opportunities with a Focus on Health Implications 225

Robert Thompson, James Jetter, David Marr, and Clyde Owens

8 Reduction of Multi-pollutant Emissions from Industrial Sectors:

The U.S. Cement Industry - A Case Study 241

Ravi K. Srivastava, Samudra Vijay, and Elineth Torres

9 Geoengineering: Direct Mitigation of Climate Warming 273

Brooke L. Hemming and Gayle S.W. Hagler

10 Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment Issues in the Power Sector 301

Bruce Rising

11 The Role of Technology in Mitigating Greenhouse

Gas Emissions from Power Sector in Developing Countries:

The Case of China, India, and Mexico 345

Samudra Vijay and Ananth Chikkatur

12 Potential Adverse Environmental Impacts of Greenhouse

Gas Mitigation Strategies 377

C. Andrew Miller and Cynthia L. Gage

Index 417

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