SOURCE: Janet N. Abramovitz, Imperiled Waters, Impoverished Future: The Decline of Freshwater Ecosystems, Worldwatch Paper 128 (Washington, DC: Worldwatch Institute, 1996).

Table 30: The social effects of globalism

Price of a jar of Avon "skin-renewal" product being advertised on Brazilian TV and then sold door-to-door in the Amazon Basin by an army of 80,000 Avon saleswomen

Average household income per day of the women in the region, who are persuaded to forgo buying clothes or shoes in order to purchase the Avon product Average hourly wage of workers at 2,200 factories of General Electric, Ford, General Motors, GTE Sylvania, RCA Westinghouse, and other US companies with plants in the free-trade zone of Mexico along the US border Average hourly wage of manufacturing workers in the

"home" country of these companies Worldwide profits of Walt Disney Company in 1993 Amount taken home by chairman Michael Eisner in the same year Number of the 100 largest economic units in the world that are nations Number that are corporations (as measured by sales) Number of elephants in Burundi in 1986 Number of elephant tusks, all certified as originating in

Burundi, exported that year Number of billionaires (people with the net worth of a thousand millionaires) in the world in 1989 Number of billionaires just five years later, in 1994 Number of the world's richest people whose collective wealth adds up to $762 billion Number of the world's poorest people whose combined income adds up to $762 billion Portion of global income going to the richest fifth of the population Portion of global income going to the poorest fifth Number of billionaires in Mexico in 1989 Number in 1996

Combined income of the poorest 17 million Mexicans in 1988

Wealth of the richest single Mexican Ratio of income of the richest fifth to the poorest fifth of the US population in 1970 The same ratio in 1993

Life expectancy in the most developed countries in 2000 Life expectancy in the least developed countries in 2000

$16.17 $300 million

$203 million

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