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$30 to$120

SOURCE: Chris Bright (senior editor of World Watch), Life Out of Bounds: Bioinvasions in a Borderless World (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998).

Table 33: Monoculture impact

Varieties of asparagus grown in the United States in 1903 Number of turn-of-the-century varieties surviving by the 1980s, after the advent of large-scale monoculture led to a gradual suppression of genetic diversityi Varieties of sweet corn grown in the United States in 1903 Turn-of-the-century varieties grown in the 1980si Number of jobs provided by 10,000 hectares of diversified farming in Hawai'i Number of jobs provided by an equal amount of land used for a monoculture pulp plantation Quantity of farmed oceanic fish and shrimp raised in 1996

by using ground-up ocean fish as feed Quantity of wild ocean fish that had to be ground up to provide the feed Amount of fish caught per person worldwide and sold for human consumption in 1996

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