Ecocide And Globalization

To attract companies like yours ... we have felled mountains, razed jungles, filled swamps, moved rivers, relocated towns ... all to make it easier for you and your business to do business here. (Advertisement by the Government of the Philippines, in Fortune)1

Environmental degradation is caused by the interaction of economic, political and cultural power with demographic change. The driving force of that process in capitalist societies, which are now approaching something like universality, are economic forces, institutions and actions. No social theory of the environment and environmental degradation can adequately capture the origins of that degradation or provide a basis for considering its control without attending to the dynamics of capitalist production and consumption. Acknowledging that other forces are at work, or that traditional socialist economic alternatives and assumptions are flawed, does not diminish the need to critically engage with those dynamics. (David Goldblatt, Social Theory and the Environment)2

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