Waste Disposal Application of Salt Dome Technology

HIFI has received draft permits to construct and operate a waste treatment facility and a series of 10 solution-mined disposal caverns within the North Dayton salt dome in Texas. Each cavern will be capable of containing approximately 800,000 yd3 of material. This equates to two to four times the capacity of a typical hazardous waste landfill.

As is the case with other states, Texas does not have the capacity to manage the types or quantities of waste produced by its industries. As a result Texas is a net exporter of hazardous

Figure 15 Matrix of technologies for solids.

waste, shipping an estimated 235,000 tons per year to out-of-state facilities for commercial disposal. The HIFI facility will provide additional in-state capacity for Texas to manage its own waste for an estimated 10-20 years.

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