Types Of Surface Subsidence And Collapse

some subsidence occurs because of processes that happen at depths of thousands of feet beneath the surface, and is referred to as deep subsidence. Other subsidence is caused by shallow near-surface pro cesses and is known as shallow subsidence. Tectonic subsidence is a result of the movement of the plates on a lithospheric scale, whereas human-induced subsidence refers to cases where the activities of people, such as extraction of fluids from depth, have resulted in lowering of the land surface.

Compaction-related subsidence may be defined as the slow sinking of the ground surface because of reduced pore space, lowered pore pressure, and other processes that cause the regolith to become more condensed and occupy a smaller volume. Most subsidence and compaction mechanisms are slow and result in gradual sinking of the land surface, whereas sometimes the process may occur catastrophically, and is known as collapse.

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