Transform Plate Boundaries

Transform plate margins sometimes also have large earthquakes, typically up to magnitude 8. These events can be quite devastating but are not as big as the magnitude 9+ events that may occasionally strike convergent margins. However, the distinction between a magnitude 9 and a magnitude 8 earthquake will not matter to people who are in collapsing buildings and cities devastated by these massive destructive events. some plate boundaries have characteristics of both convergent margins and transform margins, such as where a plate is being subducted obliquely and part of the overriding plate moves sideways along the plate margin. These margins, such as southeastern Alaska or northern Sumatra-Andaman Islands, may have both subduction zone earthquakes (along the Benioff or subduction zone) and transform margin earthquakes (with the hypocenter located along the transform fault in the overriding plate). Some of the most famous of all earthquakes have occurred along transform plate boundaries. The following is a set of examples that describes some of the more significant earthquakes to strike transform margins in history.

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