Sealevel Changes Related To Changes in continental AREA

Continent-continent collisions can lower sea levels by reducing the area of the continents. When continents collide, mountains and plateaus are uplifted, and the amount of material that is taken from below sea level to higher elevations no longer displaces seawater, causing sea levels to drop. The ongoing India-Asia collision has caused sea levels to drop by 33 feet (10 m).

other things, such as mid-plate volcanism, can also change sea levels. The Hawaiian islands are hot-spot style mid-plate volcanoes that have been erupted onto the seafloor, displacing an amount of water equal to their volume. Although this effect is not large at present, at some periods in Earth history there were many more hot spots (such as in the Cretaceous Period), and the effect may have been larger.

The effects of the supercontinent cycle on sea level may be summarized as follows: Continent assembly favors regression, whereas continental fragmentation and dispersal favors transgression.

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