Qahlah Formation 33 Qalluviartuuq belt 573 Qaruh 36 Qatari Desert 260 Qattara Depression 208 Qiadam basin 45 Qiangtang terrane 52, 54 Qianxi-Taipingzhi terrane 48 Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. See Tibetan

Plateau Qinglong basin 48 Qinling-Dabie-Sulu belt 51-52 Qinling Mountains 45 QSC 502

Quadrilatero Ferrifero 695 quartz 558, 561, 718 quartz dust 255 quartzite 540

quartzo-feldspathic gneiss terranes 177

quasars 647-648 Quaternary 122, 393, 633, 648 Queen Maud Land 26 Que Que belt 14 Quetico Province 572 Qurain, Al- 36

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