Proterozoic Gneiss Belts And Basins

The Archean cratons of Australia are welded together by several Proterozoic orogenic belts, the most important of which include the Musgrave orogen and its continuation to the west as the Paterson orogen that together link north and south Australia. The Capricorn orogen is located between the Pilbara and Yil-garn cratons; convergent tectonism across this belt joined those cratons and their flanking sedimentary basin sequences in the Paleoproterozoic at around 2.2 billion years ago, with remnants preserved in the Bangemall basin, Gascoyne Complex, and the Glengarry, Yerrida and Padbury basins. Other Paleo-proterozoic orogenic segments in central Australia are deeply buried by younger Proterozoic-Palaeozoic rocks of the Officer and Amadeus basins.

In eastern Australia rocks in the Mount Isa Complex were complexly deformed into fold-thrust belt structures in the Paleoproterozoic, while rocks farther south in the Broken Hill Inlier were experiencing high-grade metamorphism and polyphase deformation.

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