Precambrian Shield Of Southern India

southern India consists largely of Precambrian rocks, partly covered by the Deccan flood basalts and thin sedimentary sequences. The shield is made of seven main cratons of Archean age, including the Western Dharwar, Eastern Dharwar, southern Granulite Terrane, Eastern Ghats, Bhandara, singhbhum, and Aravalli cratons. Each of these cratons is somewhat different from the others, and most are now joined along intervening thrust belts or wide orogenic belts of intense deformation and metamorphism. In a few cases younger rifts separate the cratons, and the original relationships are unclear. Many of the orogenic belts between the cratons show strong deformation and metamorphism about 1.5 billion years ago, possibly representing the collision of the cratons to form a supercontinent.

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