Southern Africa's Kalahari craton is composed of two older cratons, the Kaapvaal and Zimbabwe, that collided and were sutured 2.5 billion years ago along the Limpopo belt and have acted as a single craton since that time. For times before 2.5 billion years ago, therefore, the two parts (Kaapvaal and Zimbabwe cratons) are discussed separately, but from

Kalahari Craton

True-color composite satellite image of Africa from data collected by the Thematic Mapper instrument on an American Landsat satellite. The Sahara is the brown (dry) area across the northern part of the continent, the Congo basin is lush green in the center, and the steppes of southern Africa are in the south. Madagascar lies off the southeastern coast. (Earth Satellite Corporation/Photo Researchers Inc.)

the Proterozoic onward, most geologists refer to the amalgamated cratons as the Kalahari craton.

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