I would like to express appreciation to Frank K.

Darmstadt, executive editor, for his critical review of this manuscript, wise advice, patience, and professionalism, and Katherine E. Cullen for her expert editing. Thank you to Richard Garratt, Dale Williams, and the graphics department, who created the illustrations that accompany the entries in this work, and to suzie Tibor for performing the photo research. I express deep thanks to Dr. Lu Wang for help in preparing this manuscript through its many drafts and stages. Many sections of the work draw from my own experiences doing scientific research in different parts of the world, and it is not possible to thank the hundreds of colleagues whose collaborations and work I have related in this book. Their contributions to the science that allowed the writing of this volume are greatly appreciated. I have tried to reference the most relevant works or, in some cases, more recent sources that have more extensive reference lists. Any omissions are unintentional. Finally, I would especially like to thank my wife and my children, shoshana and Daniel, for their patience during the long hours spent at my desk preparing this book. Without their understanding this work would not have been possible.

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