┬ęCAB International 2000. Climate Change and Global Crop Productivity (eds K.R. Reddy and H.F. Hodges)

Recent review books on the projected effects of global climatic change on crop yields include Kimball (1990), Rosenzweig, (1995), Allen et al. (1997) and Rosenzweig and Hillel (1998). Recent review chapters on temperature and/or [CO2] effects on plants from climatic change include: Wolfe and Erickson (1993); Paulsen (1994), Wolfe (1994) and Crawford and Wolfe (1999). Nederhoff (1994) reviewed the literature on use of [CO2] to increase the growth of greenhouse vegetable crops and also conducted extensive experimentation in this area. However, these reviews have included little information on field vegetable crop responses to elevated [CO2] and temperature. A recently published volume, The Physiology of Vegetable Crops (Wien, 1997a), describes crop responses to many environmental factors, though not specifically in the context of global climatic change. Much of the specific information on crop responses to temperatures in this review is taken from these chapters.

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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