Effect of elevated [CO2 on stomatal conductance

The other, well-established direct effect of elevated [CO2] is on stomatal conductance (gs). In contrast to the effect on Pn, the molecular mechanisms are not well understood. In studies on wheat, gs is typically decreased by about 30-40% by doubling [CO2] from current concentration (e.g. Samarakoon et at, 1995). This is due to changes in aperture since stomatal density (stomata/unit leaf area) and stomatal index (ratio of stomata/leaf epidermal cells) are unaffected within a single season (Estiarte et at., 1994). Effects resulting from continuous growth in elevated [CO2] over generations have not been studied. There is no evidence of acclimation of to elevated [CO2], so that the [CO2]i/[CO2] ratio was unaffected by [CO2] during growth in simulated field conditions (Delgado et at., 1994; Lawlor et at., 1995) or in the FACE study (Wall et at., 1997).

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