Andrew Paul Gutierrez

Division of Ecosystem Science, University of California, 151 Hilgard Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

Man stalks across the landscape, and desert follows his footsteps.

Herodotus (5th century bc)

And when it was morning, an east wind brought the locusts.

Exodus X: 13

Our problem is that we are too smart for our own good, and for that matter, the good of the biosphere. The basic problem is that our brains enable us to evaluate, plan, and execute. Thus, while all other creatures are programmed by nature and subject to her whims, we have our gray computer to motivate, for good or evil, our chemical engine. Indeed, matters have progressed to the point where we attempt to operate independently of nature, challenging her domination of the biosphere. This is a game we simply cannot win, and in trying we have set in train a series of events that has brought increasing chaos to the planet.

On the species Homo sapiens Robert van den Bosch, 1978

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