Biological Sciences Series

A series which provides an accessible source of information at research and professional level in chosen sectors of the biological sciences.

Series Editor:

Professor Jeremy A. Roberts, Plant Sciences Division, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham. UK.

Titles in the series:

Biology of Farmed Fish Edited by K.D. Black and A.D. Pickering Stress Physiology in Animals Edited by P.H.M. Balm

Seed Technology and its Biological Basis Edited by M. Black and J.D. Bewley Leaf Development and Canopy Growth Edited by B. Marshall and J.A. Roberts Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture Edited by K.D. Black Herbicides and their Mechanisms of Action Edited by A.H. Cobb and R.C. Kirkwood The Plant Cell Cycle and its Interfaces Edited by D. Francis

Meristematic Tissues in Plant Growth and Development Edited by M.T. McManus and B.E. Veit

Fruit Quality and its Biological Basis Edited by M. Knee

Pectins and their Manipulation Edited by Graham B. Seymour and J. Paul Knox

Wood Quality and its Biological Basis Edited by J.R. Barnett and G. Jeronimidis

Plant Molecular Breeding Edited by H.J. Newbury

Biogeochemistry of Marine Systems Edited by K.D. Black and G. Shimmield

Programmed Cell Death in Plants Edited by J. Gray

Water Use Efficiency in Plant Biology Edited by M.A. Bacon

Plant Lipids - Biology, Utilisation and Manipulation Edited by D.J. Murphy

Plant Nutritional Genomics Edited by M.R. Broadley and P.J. White

Plant Abiotic Stress Edited by M.A. Jenks and P.M. Hasegawa

Gene Flow from GM Plants Edited by G.M. Poppy and M.J. Wilkinson

Antioxidants and Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants Edited by N. Smirnoff

Plant Growth and Climate Change Edited by J.I.L. Morison and M.D. Morecroft

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