Motivations Leading To Gas Hydrate Production

As previously discussed in this paper, significant if not insurmountable technical issues need to be resolved before gas hydrate can be counted as a viable option for future supplies of natural gas. In most cases, the viability of an energy resource is based almost solely on economics. It is important to note, however, that in some cases the viability of a particular hydrocarbon resource can be controlled by unique local economic and non-technical factors. For example, countries with little domestic energy production usually pay considerably more for their energy needs since they rely more on imported hydrocarbons, which often come with additional tariffs and transportation expenses. Energy security is often a concern to resource poor countries, which in comparison to energy rich countries will often invest more money in relatively expensive unconventional domestic energy resources. In some cases the uniqueness of a particular location, such as distance to a conventional energy resource, may lead to the development of otherwise non-economic unconventional resource. In the following section, the economic and non-economic motivations that may eventually lead to sustained production of gas from hydrate will be discussed.

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