Housekeeping Protein

Every microorganism contains a set of proteins involved in the basic functioning of a cell. These proteins are called the housekeeping proteins. The synthesis rate of these "common" proteins does not vary significantly with growth temperature. From a 2D-map of P cryohalolentis K5, a total of 311 (51%) of the spots did not vary with growth temperature (-4°C, 4°C and 16°C) and accounted for 73% (v/v) of the amount of protein detected at each temperature (Bakermans et al. 2007). The proteome of E. sibiricum 255-15 showed that most of the proteins were similarly expressed at the two temperatures, 4°C and 25°C (Qiu et al. 2006). While housekeeping proteins are required for basic cell functions at any temperature, they may be essential for the proper function of the bacterial cells during the cold-adaptation process.

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