Conclusion and Perspectives

The growing interest in perennially frozen ground of cold mountain ranges is justified and the rapidly developing progress in this young research field must be considered timely and most welcome. Continued if not accelerating atmospheric temperature rise indeed has the potential to cause serious and long-lasting disequilibria on the slopes as well as inside many mountain peaks on earth. Concerning impacts of climate change on mountain permafrost, system reactions deserve special attention: the effects of permafrost thaw on soil humidity and growth conditions on gentle slopes of mountain ranges with a continental-type climate, or large rock falls into already existing or newly forming lakes in areas of fast glacier retreat, constitute major threats. International programs of long-term monitoring within the framework of global climate-related observations must continue at a level of higher intensity, and the exchange of experience and scientific-technological know-how for assessing possible ecosystem changes and natural hazard conditions without historical precedence are strongly recommended.

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