A second refinement of the NLC that emerges from this modeling analysis regards the reach of the norm entrepreneur. Finnemore and Sikkink already highlight the importance of the organizational platform in explaining the efficacy of the entrepreneur. This analysis confirms that importance. Powerful norm entrepreneurs (the more agents she can make a suggestion to) lead to a greater number of norms over time. This is not surprising as the model was built assuming the importance of the organizational platform.

However, the sensitivity analysis uncovered a not entirely expected and certainly relevant result. Less powerful norm entrepreneurs (with limited ability to make suggestions) are still effective in engendering norms in the system. This finding is suggestive theoretically in that while it confirms the importance of the organizational platform, it widens the understanding of that platform. Relatively obscure norm entrepreneurs can potentially influence the social context.

For the analysis of dynamic global responses to ozone depletion and climate change this suggests that norms do not have to flow only from the most powerful entrepreneurs. If the evolutionary logic of the norm life cycle is valid, then norms can emerge over time, catalyzed by entrepreneurs that cannot reach the whole population of agents. The entrepreneur need not convince all states of the efficacy of universal participation—if she can influence a small, though significant, part of the population, norms can still emerge through the NLC process.

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