Officials Interviewed for the Project

Stephen Anderson—December 12, 1997 (former director of Technology Transfer and Industry Programs, EPA Global Change Division; director, Strategic Climate Projects, EPA) Frederick Bernthal—September 29, 1999 (former Assistant Secretary of State, OES, 1988-1990 IPCC Working Group II Chair, 1990-1991)

Sue Biniaz—December 3, 1998 (Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of State, OES Bureau)

Eileen Claussen—January 26, 1999 (former director EPA Atmospheric and Indoor Air Programs and former Assistant Secretary of State, OES) David Doniger—September 29, 1999 (former counsel National Resources

Defense Council) Corrina Gilfallin—October 28, 1997 (Friends of the Earth) Paul Horwitz—November 20, 1997, and July 21, 1999 (Policy analyst for UNEP's Ozone Secretariat (1989-1990); international advisor, EPA Global Change Division (1990-1993)) Richard Morgenstern—May 10, 1999 (former Deputy Assistant Administrator U.S. EPA, Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation) Alan Miller—October 11, 1999 (former counsel for National Resources Defense Council; currently at World Bank, Global Environment Facility)

William Nitze—July 22, 1999 (former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, former Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA, International Affairs Office)


Daniel Reifsnyder—January 25, 1999 (director, Office of Global Change,

U.S. State Department, OES Bureau) Stephen Seidell—October 28, 1997, and September 30, 1999 (former senior analyst, EPA Air Office, former member White House Climate Change Task Force)

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