IN VGeneva December 1991

Little, if any, movement occurred between INC III and INC IV. The United States continued to hold fast to its position through the fall of 1991 as it prepared for the INC IV meetings. The pressure continued to build on the United States to change, and the United States continued to withstand it.168 Bodansky observed that not much occurred at INC IV itself either. "Rather than negotiate, states tended to reiterate their previously enunciated positions."169 INC IV meeting was noteworthy, however, as at this meeting the 132 state participants finally produced a "coordinated working document."170

Again, in working group one (commitments) there was "general agreement" on the need to address the needs of Southern states, but the "debate on financial resources and technology failed to narrow down the major differences among the various delegations on the creation of an international climate fund . . ."171 In addition, there was little movement on emissions commitments.172 The working document itself contained an enormous amount of bracketed text representing the language yet to be agreed upon.173

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