Models for Volatilization. Volatilization is an interphase mass transfer process in which a constituent in the liquid phase is transferred to the gas phase and it may contribute to the loss of an XOC from an activated sludge bioreactor during the transfer of oxygen to the system. Models for interphase mass transfer are of the form:

where r, X(H is the rate of loss by volatilization of the XOC from the control volume V (mg/hr), K, XIK a is the overall liquid phase mass transfer coefficient for the XOC (hr '), SX(K is the liquid phase concentration of the XOC in the control volume (mg/L), and S.*,«- is the liquid phase concentration that would exist if the liquid were in equilibrium with the gas phase. Equilibrium between the gas and liquid phases is assumed to be governed by Henry's Law for dilute solutions:™4h

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