Modeling Suspended Growth Systems

In Chapter 1, we saw that many types of biochemical operations are used in wastewater treatment. Understanding how each performs would be a difficult task if we had to approach each as a unique entity. Fortunately, there is a great deal of commonality among them because only a finite number of events occur within them, as seen in Chapter 2. This suggests that the major differences among them arise from their reactor configurations. Because the kinetics of the events within biochemical operations are reasonably well established, reactor engineering principles can be applied to see how reactor configuration influences their outcome, thereby setting the stage for understanding how the various types of biochemical operations perform.

Reactor engineering is the application of mathematical modeling to the analysis and design of chemical and biochemical reactors. In this chapter we will review briefly some of the basic concepts of reactor engineering. For more complete coverage, the reader should consult texts on the subject.7"

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