Figure E8.2 Determination of f,, in Example 8.2.1.

Figure E8.3 Determination of |i„ and Ks in Example 8.2.1.

that in (his case. Examination of the plot shows that only the lowest five points can be approximated as forming a straight line. For Ss values above 5 mg/L. Ss is not negligible with respect to Ks and thus the first order approximation of the Monod equation does not apply. However, for Ss values below 5 mg/L, fhe linear approximation is acceptable. As can be seen in the plot, k, has a value of 0.0068 L/(mg biomass COD ■ hr). This is slightly lower than the theoretical value 0.0080 L/(mg biomass COD ■ hr) which comes from its definition and the previously determined values of (ln, Ks, and Y,, (See Section 5.1.6). The lower measured value is a direct result of the approximate nature of first order kinetics and the mean reaction rate coefficient.

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