Carbon : Nitrate - N Ratio

Figure 6.12 Effect of Ss,,/SNI11> (expressed as C/N ratio) on the removal of carbon (c) and nitrogen (•) in a CSTR operated under anoxic conditions. (From K. Wuhrmann, Discussion of 'Factors affecting biological denitrification of wastewater' by R. N. Dawson and K. L. Murphy. Advances in Water Pollution Research, Jerusalem, 1972, 681-682, 1973. Reproduced by permission of Dr. K. L. Mechsner.)

Carbon : Nitrate - N Ratio organic substrate in slight excess of the amount required to remove the nitrate-N. and then to pass the effluent from the anoxic bioreactor through a small aerobic bioreactor in which any residual electron donor can be removed with oxygen as the electron acceptor.

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