Figure E20.1 Application of the graphical procedure to determine the required hydraulic-loading on the single-stage RBC in Example

tion of 200 mg/L. Size both a single-stage and a multi-stage system to reduce the soluble BODs concentration to 20 mg/L or less.

a. How large would a single-stage system have to be?

Two points must be located on the graph in Figure E20.1 to determine the size of a single-stage system. The first is point A, the location of the influent substrate concentration on the abscissa. The second is point B, corresponding to the substrate flux associated with the desired effluent substrate concentration of 20 mg/L. The value of the flux at point B is 3.19 g BODJ(m" • day). An operating line is then drawn between A and B. Its slope gives the THL, which can be estimated by applying Eq. 20.10:

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