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This book has been prepared based on information presented in the technical and professional literature and the knowledge and experience of the authors. The authors ' intention is to present, to the best of their ability, their profession's current understanding of the design and operation of biological wastewater treatment processes. The reader must recognize, however, that both the authors ' understanding of the current state of the art and the profession's understanding of the principles on which the processes operate are unavoidably incomplete. This book was prepared primarily for instructional purposes, and it is the knowledge and experience of the designer and operator that determine its success, not the use of any particular design or operational procedure. Thus, while the information presented in this book may serve to supplement the expertise of a competent practitioner, it is not a replacement. It is the user's responsibility to independently verify and interpret information found in this book prior to its application. Consequently, use of the information presented in this book does hereby release the authors, the publisher, and the authors ' employers from liability for any loss or injuries of any nature that may result from use of the information presented.

ISBN: 0-8247-8919-9

The first edition was published as Biological Wastewater Treatment: Theory and Applications, by C. P. Leslie Grady, Jr., and Henry C. Lim (Marcel Dekker, 1980).

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