Environmental Science and Pollution Control Series

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1. Toxic Metal Chemistry in Marine Environments, Muhammad Sadiq

2. Handbook of Polymer Degradation, edited by S. Ha/im Hamid, Mohamed B. Amin, and AH G. Maadhah

3. Unit Processes in Drinking Water Treatment, Willy J. Masschelein

4. Groundwater Contamination and Analysis at Hazardous Waste Sites, edited by Suzanne Lesage and Richard E. Jackson

5. Plastics Waste Management: Disposal, Recycling, and Reuse, edited by Nabil Mustafa

6. Hazardous Waste Site Soil Remediation: Theory and Application of Innovative Technologies, edited by David J. Wilson and Ann N. Clarke

7. Process Engineering for Pollution Control and Waste Minimization, edited by Donald L. Wise and Debra J. Trantolo

8. Remediation of Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soils, edited by Donald L. Wise and Debra J. Trantolo

9. Water Contamination and Health: Integration of Exposure Assessment, Toxicology, and Risk Assessment, edited by Rhoda G. M. Wang

10. Pollution Control in Fertilizer Production, edited by Charles A. Hodge and Neculai N. Popovici

11. Groundwater Contamination and Control, edited by Uri Zoller

12. Toxic Properties of Pesticides, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff and John A. King

13. Combustion and Incineration Processes: Applications in Environmental Engineering, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, Walter R. Niessen

14. Hazardous Chemicals in the Polymer Industry, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

15. Handbook of Highly Toxic Materials Handling and Management, edited by Stanley S. Grossel and Daniel A. Crow

16. Separation Processes in Wast Minimization, Robert B. Long

17. Handbook of Pollution and Hazardous Materials Compliance: A Sourcebook for Environmental Managers, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff and Nadelyn Graffia

18. Biosolids Treatment and Management, Mark J. Girovich

19. Biological Wastewater Treatment: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, C. P. Leslie Grady, Jr., Glen T. Daigger, and Henry C. Lim

Additional Volumes in Preparation

To the Student in each of us. It is our sincere hope that by learning together, we can further the cause of water quality and environmental protection.

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