Abiotic Removal Mechanisms

Biodégradation may not be the only mechanism contributing to the loss of an XOC from a bioreactor. Because of the physicochemical properties of some XOCs, abiotic removal mechanisms such as volatilization to the atmosphere and sorption onto solids may contribute to their loss. Quantification of those losses is important for a variety of reasons. First, they represent ways in which the XOCs can enter the environment without alteration. Since XOCs may have negative environmental effects, such losses should be minimized. Second, depending on the configuration of the bioreactor, abiotic losses may influence the concentrations of the XOCs in the effluent and accurate prediction of those concentrations requires that the magnitude of the abiotic losses be known. In this section, we will review briefly techniques for quantifying such losses. The rate expressions presented can be used in mass balance equations for the XOCs along with the rate expression for biodégradation in order to obtain a complete picture of the fate of the XOCs.

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