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First published in 2010 by Earthscan

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ISBN 978-1-84407-757-1

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Nitrous oxide and climate change / edited by Keith Smith. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-1-84407-757-1 (hardback)

1. Atmospheric nitrous oxide-Environmental aspects. 2. Nitrous oxide-Environmental aspects. 3. Greenhouse gas mitigation. 4. Agricultural pollution. 5. Climatic changes. I. Smith, Keith A., 1940-TD885.5.N5N58 2010 363.738'74-dc22

At Earthscan we strive to minimize our environmental impacts and carbon footprint through reducing waste, recycling and offsetting our CO2 emissions, including those created through publication of this book. For more details of our environmental policy, see www.earthscan.co.uk.


This book was printed in the UK by TJ International, an ISO 14001 accredited company. The paper used is FSC certified and the inks are vegetable based.

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