Upland rice soils

World wide

>20 (Seiler et al. 1984) 20-60 (Reeburg et al. 1994)

Table 16.3 Methane budget estimates from Indian rice paddy fields under Methane Asia Campaign 1998 (co-ordinated by NPL, New Delhi)

Water regime

Harvested area (Mha)

IPCC-96 'Default

Indian Seasonal Ilntegrated flux

Total emission (TgYr-1) 'Using IPCC-96 Default Esif

Upland Lowland



Deep water

Total Methane Emission

Food prone

Drought prone

Continuously flooded Intermittently Single flooded aeration

Multiple aeration

Water depth 50-100 cm Water depth 50-100 cm

Estimates using Indian CH4

Estimates data upto 1999 ' Estimates using IPCC-96 Default Methane Esif

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