NF - Not found; CAF - Controlled availability fertilizers; CCC - Wax coated calcium carbide; MT - Mid tillering; PI - Panicle initiation; Tr. - Transplanted; MSA - Mid season aeration; Av. - Average; DS - Direct seeded; M - mean; Max. - Maximum; irr. - irrigated; s - saturated; AFD - Alternate flooding and drying; CF - Continuous flooding; Tr. - Transplanted; GM - green manure; 1 Approximate values, deduced from emission trend presented in graphs;

* Calculated from N dose and percent NaO-N loss.

Table 8.5 Expressions for calculating radiative forcing (IPCC 2001)

Trace Gas

Simplified expression radiative forcing, AF (Wm 2)



AF = ß (M1'2 - Mo1'2) - [f (M, No) - f (Mo, No)] AF = e (N1'2 - N01'2) - [f (Mo, N) - f (Mo, No)]

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