May increase or reduce N2O Improved soil fertility, increased N & P


Timing (less critical than inorganic); Application techniques; Storage, processing, and handling (temperature, duration, capacity, cover, etc.); Amount/rate of application (apply at recommended rate to coincide with crop demand) Nitrous oxide flux dependent on degree of maturity/degradation, whether fermented, moisture content Important for C sequestration; Quality and size (C:N ratio, total N), Quantity (weight); Application/incorporation techniques (note the interaction with tillage; priming effect on soil N2O flux mainly with incorporation) avoid wet conditions Give higher nitrous oxide fluxes than dried material., avoid spreading with mineral fertiliser o p o-

Table 5.1 (continued)

Management option

Indicative maximum soil C sequestration rate (tCha"1 yr"1)

Likely Additional C uncertainty savings

Impact on trace gas fluxes

Other impacts

Notes o P

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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