1 Crop Responses to Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature 1

Mirwais M. Qaderi and David M. Reid

2 Climate Change, Climate Variability and Indian Agriculture: Impacts Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies 19

Shakeel A. Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, M.Z. Hussain and N. Kalra

3 Simulation Studies to Characterize the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Production and to Identify Strategies for Adaptation and Mitigation 39

P. Krishnan, B. Ramakrishnan, K.S. Rao and R.N. Dash

4 Response of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) to Increasing Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 63

S.V.K. Jagadish and Madan Pal

5 Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Cropland Soils - Climate Opportunities and Threats 81

Pete Falloon, Pete Smith, Richard Betts, Chris D. Jones, Jo Smith, Deborah Hemming and Andy Challinor

6 Greenhouse Gases from Crop Fields 113

Zhengqin Xiong and M.A.K. Khalil

7 Environmental Parameters Influencing the Methane Emissions in the Pantanal Floodplain, Brazil 133

P.C. Alvala and L. Marani

8 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Crop Fields and Its Role in Atmospheric Radiative Forcing 147

Deepanjan Majumdar

9 Quantifying Direct N2O Emissions from Paddy Fields During Rice

Growing Season in Mainland China in 1980s and 1990s 191

Jianwen Zou, Yao Huang and Yanyu Lu

10 Impacts of Ground-Level Ozone on Crop Production in a Changing Climate 213

K. Vandermeiren, H. Harmens, G. Mills and L. De Temmerman

11 Ozone-Induced Changes in Plant Secondary Metabolism 245

Marcello Iriti and Franco Faoro

12 Crop Responses to Enhanced UV-B Radiation 269

13 Physiological Responses of Higher Plants to UV-B Radiation 283

Ivanka S. Fedina and Maya Y. Velitchkova

14 Possibility of Water Management for Mitigating Total Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Irrigated Paddy Fields 307

Kazunori Minamikawa and Kazuyuki Yagi

15 Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emission from Agriculture 329

16 Attenuating Methane Emission from Paddy Fields 345

S.N. Singh, Larisha Tyagi and Sadhna Tiwari

Index 377

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