NCOM Ocean Model

The Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) is a 3D global ocean current forecast model which was developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and was transitioned to be run operationally by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO). The forecast model is based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) and has global coverage with a horizontal resolution of 1/8°. Vertical resolution is controlled by an o-z coordinate system with 19o-coordinate layers in the upper 137 m (topmost surface layer thickness of 1 m) and 21 z-coordinate layers from 137 m to 5,500 m. Data assimilation is controlled by the Modular Ocean Data Assimilation System (MODAS) which assimilates temperature, salinity and SSH. Atmospheric forcing is provided by the Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System (NOGAPS) atmospheric fluxes (Barron et al. 2007). NCOM provides a 72 hour forecast of the sea surface current velocities, at 6 hour intervals.

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