Applications for Metocean Forecast Data Maritime Transport Safety and Pollution

Brian King, Ben Brushett, Trevor Gilbert and Charles Lemckert

Abstract This lecture outlines the recent advances in the incorporation of oceanic and atmospheric forecast datasets into specialized trajectory models. These models are used for maritime safety purposes and to aid in combating oil and chemical marine pollution events. In particular, the lecture examines in detail the system assembled by the authors for improving oil spill trajectory models (OSTM) and chemical spill trajectory models (CSTM) as part of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's (AMSA) role in Australia's national plan to combat pollution of the sea by oil and other noxious and hazardous substances. The main topics of this lecture will include:

• A summary of metocean forecast datasets currently being used operationally in the Australian region;

• The incorporation of tidal current dynamics into ocean forecasting models;

• Three case studies of utilising metocean forecast datasets in maritime trajectory models, a study of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's OSTM and CSTM systems (OILMAP, CHEMMAP and the Environmental Data Servers) being.

- The Pacific Adventurer oil and chemical Spill, offshore Brisbane;

- The Montara Well Head Platform Blowout, Timor Sea;

- The towing of MSC Lugano off Esperence (WA)

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