This book was supported in part by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 08-05-00949a. The authors are grateful to N. Diansky, R. Ibrayev, V. Knysh, E. Ozsoy, T. Pohlmann, E. Semenov, and V. Zalesny for providing us with their unpublished materials that was helpful for keeping some sections of the book in state-of-the-art. Many interesting discussions in the institutions of both authors were very fruitful. We thank also to V. Arutyunyan and A. Schneehorst for their assistance in the preparation of the manuscript for publication, and to Nina Bennink and Rajasekar Subramaniam for their comments and corrections of the manuscript; yet we ask a pardon from a careful reader who may still find some mistakes in the text.

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