South Pacific

In Indonesia, 80 percent of glacial mass disappeared between 1942 and 2000. According to the WWF, West Meren Glacier, in particular, receded 8,530 feet (2,600 m) from 1936 until it finally melted sometime

Muir Glacier, in Alaska. The top image was taken in 1941; the bottom, in 2004. (National Snow and Ice Data Center. Top photo by William O. Field; bottom photo by Bruce F. Molnia)
Shepard Glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana, has melted significantly over a 92-year period due to rising temperatures. The top photo was taken in 1 91 3; the bottom, in 2005. (Top photo by W. C. Alden, NPS Archives; bottom photo by Blase Reardon, USGS)

Grinnell Glacier from Mt. Gould


Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana (USGS)

around 1997. In the South Pacific, mountain glaciers in New Zealand have been retreating since 1890. In recent years, the melting rate has significantly sped up. In particular, both the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers are 1.6 miles (2.5 km) shorter than they were 100 years ago. Of the 127 glaciers surveyed in New Zealand's Southern Alps, they have all shortened by nearly 40 percent and lost 25 percent of their area since the mid-1850s. On a more favorable note, however, some of these have advanced recently due to more precipitation in the area.

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