Transect Along Equator

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Figure 5.5 Left: Section across the equatorial Pacific along 150° W between about 6° N and

S, showing the distribution of (a) velocity (m s^1; the blue area corresponds to eastward flow) and (b) temperature (°C). Note that the core of the Cromwell Current is in the fhermocline (cf. Figure 5.1 (b)) and that in the region of the core, vigorous mixing causes the isotherms to spread apart (relative to their separation to the north and south), thus weakening the fhermocline. The vertical scale is greatly exaggerated.

Above: Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler sections (c) across the Cromwell Current in the eastern Pacific at 110° W, and (d) along it, between 135° and 108°W. The core (pale grey area, corresponding to speeds of - 1 m s~1) clearly shoals from west to east (cf. Figure 5.4(c)). Note that the tops of the sections do not correspond to the sea-surface but to a depth of 20 m.

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